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IV Therapy

Nutritional IVs and Injections now offered at NTXMSK

Our body is a community of trillions of cells all working together in synchronicity. The health of these individual cells creates our overall health. Stressed out, unhealthy cells result in disease or bodily dysfunction.

Our job is to make certain that our bodies have the necessary tools to keep us healthy.
Good health starts at the cellular level.

Myer’s Cocktail Push: $85/IV push
Suggested uses: energy boost, jet lag, overall wellness, fatigue, seasonal allergies, migraines, muscle aches.
magnesium, calcium, selenium, pyroxidine, dexpanthenol, B12, B- complex, vitamin C

Immune Boost Push: $110/IV push
Suggested uses: weakened immune system, increased energy and vitality, fatigue, chronic illness
magnesium, selenium, zinc, pyroxidine, dexpanthenol, B12, B- complex, vitamin – C, glutamine, glutathione push, HCL push

Glutathione Push: $75 single, $125 double, and $150 triple/IV push
Suggested uses: enhanced sports performance, detox, master antioxidant
tripeptide amino acids

Lean Boost Injections: $50/IM injection
Suggested uses: energy boost, stimulates fat metabolism
methionnine, inositol, choline & B-12

Amino Boost Injections: $50/IM injection
Suggested uses: increases energy, decreases muscle soreness after workout, increases healing response
Arginine, glutamine, taurine

B12/Complex Injections: $30/IM injection
Suggested Uses: improves mood, reduces fatigue, amplifies energy, promotes healthy skin and eyes, promotes normal appetite
B12, B-Ccomplex

*** All patients are required to wait fifteen minutes after all IVs and injections.

***IV therapy is not recommended for patients who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, IV therapy is not suitable for patients with an active fever or who are currently on antibiotics.

***For maximum benefits and nutrient absorption, we recommend weekly injections for the first 3-5 weeks before a monthly maintenance routine.