Sports Medicine

Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy

No athlete likes to be sidelined with an injury. The goals of NTXMSK is to get an athlete safely back into action as soon as possible. Return to play refers to the point in recovery from an injury when an athlete is able to go back to playing sports at a pre-injury level. With the right game plan, from early diagnosis and treatment to full functional rehabilitation, procedures at NTXMSK safely accelerate your return to play.

Osteopathic Manipulation

When the body is worked hard, the muscles and connective tissue can develop small impingements, micro-tears, and strains. Skeletal structural misalignments occur. These subtle conditions affect performance by restricting range of motion and inhibiting healthy muscle function.  And, they often are not detectable by imaging procedures.

A physician trained in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine is able to palpitate the tissue, locating conditions that prevent optimal physical function. Release of these physical restrictions allows the body to move more freely and the muscles to function properly. Optimal function of the body allows an athlete to achieve their highest level of performance. Learn more

Regenerative Orthopedics

Musculoskeletal tissue does not always heal the way we would like. Small tears in tissue, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, can go unnoticed. Small tears become big tears. Healing is slow and often incomplete. Recovery time keeps you out of the action.

The primary objective for NTXMSK when treating musculoskeletal injuries is to get you back into action fast and safely. Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) does just this by supplying autologous cells that accelerate and enhance the healing process without the down time of surgery.




Regenexx is a world-wide network of select, highly skilled physicians who are specially trained in interventional procedures for orthopedic conditions. Regenexx provides the world's most advanced, research-driven, regenerative orthopedic procedures in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Specializing in advanced non-surgical procedures for joint Injuries, osteoarthritis, and other orthopedic conditions, Dr. Minotti brings these procedures to you!

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To determine if Regenerative Orthopedics will be helpful for you, please tell us about your condition.

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Optimal muscle function and performance

Skeletal muscles are made up of hundreds or even thousands of muscle fibers that are bundled together and wrapped in connective tissue. Muscles contract when these string-like structures slide over each other. Sometimes overuse, trauma, or poor warm up causes the muscle tissue and the fascia surrounding them to become irritated and constricted, resulting in restricted movement and less than optimal performance. Muscles are unable to function in a full range of motion or at full strength. Other structural areas step in to compensate. The musculoskeletal system no longer functions as it is designed. Removal of structural blockages with OMT and quick repair of compromised tissue keeps your body functioning at its peak, both now and in the future. Learn more

Common sports injuries

Shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries, Ligament damage, Labral tears, Dislocated shoulder

Elbow. Tendinopathy of the elbow, Overuse injuries, Biceps tendinitis, "Tennis Elbow", or lateral epicondylitis, "Golfer's Elbow", or medial epicondylitis

Knee. Meniscus & cartilage tears, Ligament injury, Iliotibial band syndrome

Hip. Groin pulls and strains, Iliotibial band syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Gluteal Tendonopathy, Hamstring Strains

Foot & Ankle. Ankle sprain/strain, Achilles tendonitis/-osis, Achilles tendon rupture

Back. Muscle or ligament strain, Bulging or ruptured disks


We Can Help

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